Performer Experience

Since graduating from Edge Hill I have been given opportunities …

Since graduating from Edge Hill I have been given opportunities with some incredible companies to make some unbelievable work:



Prodigal UPG


Zoo Humans


Zoo Humans was the first professional contract I had. The UPG Team are a company known for creating 2PK, Performance Parkour. The originators of this art form took me on board for the R&D of their next piece, Zoo Humans. Inspired by research into the constraints on children, the alarming fact that 1 in 3 kids spend less time outside a day, then prisoners, who are forced outside. The aim of this piece is to get the message across that kids need to spend more time outside without fearmongering the children. The use of performance parkour itself will encourage kids to try parkour, a form of exercise that doesn’t just encourage being fit, but being playful as well.




Naughty Corner Productions


Bob The Russian


Bob The Russian is the 7th play by the company ‘Naughty Corner Productions’. I wasn’t part of the creation of the piece, but due to members of the cast being unable to perform, I jumped at the chance to be part of this piece of comedy gold. I had the opportunity to perform this piece twice in the Liverpool area, in the Gladstone Theatre and back in Edge Hill in the Rose Theatre. I was brought in as an ensemble member, acting numerous background roles that kept the piece rolling on. I was able to work with some brilliant performers and thankful for the chance to work with them all.


Bob the Russian – Edge Hill University

All Choreographers Are B*stards




This piece was an explosion of raw energy. The process we went through as four male dancers was intense. Finding exhaustion through so many different means, emotionally and physically. This was ACAB’s first piece of work. I am proud to be part of it. Made and toured in the North West, but this needs to be seen by people all over the country.


Credit: Jacob Simpson

I can’t describe this piece in any way that would do it as much justice as this review here: