Undergraduate Company: Edge FWD


During my time at Edge Hill I was part of the all male undergraduate company Edge FWD, and took part in multiple touring performances, taking these to festivals such as Sound City, LEAP and Exclaim! Edge Hill’s own dance festival.


Edge FWD put on yearly intensives with professional choreographers, such as Jamaal Burkmar, Theo Clinkard, Company Chameleon and ‘Thick and Tight’ (Eleanor Perry and Daniel Hay-Gordon.


‘Time is Dancing’ Choreographed by Jamaal Burkmar being performed at The Lowry


These intensives were harsh on the body, but best part of the course. It was basically a mini R&D. Over the course of a week we would work 9-5 with a choreographer creating a piece of dance/art/dance theatre. Learning the style, making the movement, and finalising the piece brought everyone together. Once we had a piece it would tour to as many festivals as we could. A real learning curve and an insight to what the dance world has to offer once we’re let free from the learning objectives of University.


‘Gentle-Men choreographed by Theo Clinkard, being performed at Sound City
Photo Credit: Geoff Atwell

Getting to a Better Place

This piece taught me so much about improvisation, and the multiple ways you can put together a piece of dance.


The piece was in partnership with the Health and Social department at Edge Hill. Creating a piece which was built on how an ill child effects the family. We looked at some of the poetry the parents wrote about the impact on immediate family. It was emotional to read, for all of us. Working with us was Steve Davismoon creating the live music. Music which was made from the parents reading out their poetry. We were lucky enough to take this piece to the Liverpool Tate and Shock Academia in Vilnius.


I had the opportunity to be part of this in my second year at Edge Hill. I have to thank the choreographer Michelle Man for the chance, and Vicky Karkou for making it happen.


Mid performance of ‘Getting To A Better Place’
Taken in Lithuania after our performance at Dance Academia